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This website presents guidelines for forgotten Windows and Mac password problems.


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How to bypass Windows password without resetting or changing the current password?

It seems you have forgotten your Windows login password which is why you are reading this website. You have already tried all the passwords that you could think of, but none of them seems to be correct. Believe us we know this annoying feeling. It’s perfectly understandable that people want to bypass Windows password because they have lost or forgotten it. In this article we will...

Lost your Mac’s Password? Here’s the solution!

So you have lost your mac password? or perhaps you are locked out of your Mac? Don’t panic! In this article we provide 3 solutions to forgotten Mac password problems. Table of contentsUTILIZE APPLE ID TO CHANGE MAC PASSWORDUSE ANOTHER ADMIN ACCOUNT TRY KON-BOOT TO BYPASS MAC PASSWORD (EASIEST WAY) UTILIZE APPLE ID TO CHANGE MAC PASSWORD If you have linked your Apple ID to your user account...

How to reset lost Windows 7 password?

Did you forget your password to login on your Windows computer? You want to reset Windows 7 password but you don’t know how? You lost the password and now can’t find it? It can be really problematic when you forgot Windows 7 password, especially if you have important data on your computer. Fortunately, we will show you few different ways you can use to reset your lost Windows 7...

How to Reset Your Forgotten Windows 10 Password

One morning you try to log into your Windows computer, type in what you believe is the password, and then remember you’ve forgotten it! You scramble to try various letter and number combinations to see what suits, but nothing works. What are your options now, how can you reset your forgotten Windows 10 password? Here’s how to reclaim your Microsoft Live 10 login, as well as the...

How can I create Windows 7 password reset disk?

Windows 7 password reset disk is a form of protection mechanism against lost Windows 7 passwords. With Windows password reset disk , if you forget your password, you can reset it. If you wait until you’ve forgotten your password, it’ll be too late. Microsoft also recommends password reset disk for local accounts. If you want to create a password reset disk please follow steps below:...

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